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Why use ignisTALK?

Why not? You will save up to 85% on your national and international phone calls AND still have superior GSM quality.

  • Keep your own number, no need for a new SIM card
  • Make your calls like you are used to doing
  • Did we mention it will save money, without costing you quality?

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Ignis Talk works on iPhone and Android phones and is operator & system neutral. Get started in 2 minutes:

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What others are saying:

"ignisTALK enables me to be available worldwide without paying insane roaming charges."
- Jure, Slovenia
"I'm using it since day 1 and I can't imagine living without it anymore. Simply fantastic."
- Liesbeth, Netherlands
"This works better than all VOIP-clients I've tried before. Amazing."
- Charles, Germany